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Mindful Media is a design & consulting studio located in Royal Oak, MI dedicated to helping coaches & local businesses grow with a significant focus on mindfulness & intention.


We work with local businesses and coaches to build meaningful content that inspires. By bringing mindfulness to the work we do, we can all come closer to a collaborative, interactive, caring community.  It’s time to align your values with the work you do!



Be the difference. Eat faces. Jason Tracey inspires people around the world with his bold personality through the brand Roar Consulting.

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Dirty Don's Smokehouse

Queue the juiciest meat mobile in Metro Detroit. Dirty Don's passion is smoked BBQ and brings joy to those in tough times. From hobby to lucrative business, read about Dirty Don's journey here.

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Creative Visions Lawn Care

Caring for lawns in Metro Detroit, Ivan at Creative Visions helps communities, businesses, and schools with their lawn care needs and makes room for them to focus on what matters.

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What Our clients say...

Jason Tracey

Founder of
Roar Consulting

"Nick approached me at a time where I was ready to take my business to the next level and move beyond the frustrations of a DIY website.  He sat down with me face to face and asked me very good questions to fully understand my business as well as what I was aiming to accomplish.  At the time I was happy with the logo I had, however he said he was going to put together a few options for me because the logo I had was hard to put on apparel etc.  The end product that he produced was love at first sight for me.  I felt like he infused himself into my soul bringing to life a vision that I didn't even know was there.  The website is beautiful and has brought so much credibility to my business."

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