What We Do: Our Services

Mindful Media provides a multitude of design and consulting services for coaches & local businesses. We mix and match our services to create the best solution for our clients. This can include anything from SEO strategy to logo & print design.

Brand Strategy

When you see someone truly aligned with a passion or goal, it can make a lasting impression on you. There's something special about it which can move others. We work with our clients to tell their stories in an effort to create the same type of long-lasting impact and experience for their customers, friends, and family.

Website Design

A great website is more than brilliantly creative—it’s customized in a way that's aligned with the small business' or life coach's personality. When you have intentionality mixed with a beautiful, personal, responsive design tailored to your clients, that's when the magic happens. There’s simply no better way to get you or your business online.

Logo Design

A well designed logo is impactful when it encapsulates your personality and drive to bring value to others' lives. Your personal and/or business style is what makes you unique, and manifesting that into a logo can be powerful. Remember, it's the first step in building both your brand and the client's trust!

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